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The Deb MrSoapySoap Dispensers are brightly coloured for use in nursery and other early years setting. They feature large easy to use push buttons designed to attract children's attention and encourage regular hand washing.

The dispensers are suitable for use with a range of Deb 1L soap cartridges.

The nozzle is changed when the cartridge is changed and hence prevents clogging. The hermetically sealed cartridges also prevent the scenario of bacteria forming in the dispenser - which may occur when topping up a bulk fill dispenser.

Checkout our limited edition starter pack (3 dispensers and 6 foam cartridges) exclusive to Inter County and only whilst current stocks last !

Deb MrSoapySoap Early Years Soap Dispenser

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Deb Mr Soapy Soap Dispenser for 1L Deb / SC Johnson Foaming Soap Cartridges.