Floor Maintenance Pads

Choosing the Right Floor Cleaning Pad Colour & Size

What colour of Floor cleaning pad do I need?

Choosing the right colour of floor cleaning pad is important, get it wrong and you could potentially remove the finish from your flooring or even damage it.
The pads are graded by colour from black through to white, with each colour being gentler than the last.
The type of pad that you need will depend on the type of flooring that you have and your cleaning routine. The below table should be used only as a guide to choosing the correct type of floor pad.

WHITE - (Final Polishing to a high gloss) This pad is very fine and designed for dry polishing of floors or light water spray polishing for a super high gloss.
TAN - (Shine to any finish) This pad is a little more coarse than the white pad and is used for high speed polishing. (This should not be confused with Brown pads which are far coarser)
RED – (Spray Clean & Buff) This floor pad is slightly coarser than the tan pad and designed for cleaning, and spray buffing, will remove scuff marks due to its slightly coarser finish.
BLUE - (Cleaning) This moderate floor pad is ideal for scrubbing floors and heavy-duty spray cleaning applications, its course texture will remove top layers of finish that may be soiled.
GREEN - (Scrubbing) This pad is getting fairly course, ideal for heavy duty scrubbing and light stripping work.
BLACK  - (Stripping Polish) Heavy duty coarse stripping pad, this is for wet striping of floors removing old finishes. It is important to keep this pad on the move as its course nature will quickly damage floors if left in one spot for too long.

What size of floor cleaning pad do I need?

You will need to measure the deck of your machine to find out what size of floor cleaning pad you need. You simply need to measure across your drive board.
The pad fitted to the drive board should be approximately 1” (25mm) larger in size than the drive board itself. We have included a table below showing the common sizes of pad in inches and mm.

   Inches (Imperial) / mm (Metric)
                   11" - 279mm 
                   15" - 380mm
                   16" - 406mm         
                   17" - 431mm
                   18" - 457mm
                   19" - 482mm
                   21" - 533mm

What Types of Flooring Can a Floor Pad be Used on?

Floor cleaning pads can be used on most types of flooring, but are especially suited to very flat flooring with little to no crevices in them. If you have a floor that ins very uneven, or tiled with large deep grout lines then a brush may be more suited to your needs.

How Long Do The Pads Last?

This all depends on the type of flooring that you have and how often you clean your floors, if you have rough floors and clean them every day then you cannot expect the pads to last as long as pads that are being used on a smooth floor.
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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 products

•All synthetic fibre used to make these floor pads is from recycled materials •Available in 11" 15" 16" 17" 18" 19" 21" •Floor pads wear evenly •All colours available for required applications •Range to suit all floor types