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Jeyes Patio Cleaning Fluid 4L (2005970)

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Jeyes Patio Cleaning Fluid (4 Litre) kills and prevents re-growth of algae, mildew and mould on all hard outdoor surfaces including paths, patios, driveways, decking, stone, concrete and fencing.

Can be diluted at up to 1:10 with water and used with a Scrubbing Brush or in a Pressure Washer - note: Rinse through Pressure Washer with clean water immediately after use !   

Visible results on green mould and algae within three days. Severe growth may require additional application.

Do not apply if rain is expected within four hours !

As this product is categorised as a pesticide, in the event of contact with plants (that you don't want to kill) then wash them with plenty of clean water.

Very toxic to aquatic life !

Use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and if splashed on skin or eyes wash with copious amounts of clean water.


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